Friday, June 28, 2013

Swimsuits, Sandwiches and Nap Smiles

 Some days it's just fun to wear your swimsuit all day. And really I should say, it's fun for my kids to wear their swimsuits all day. Because I did not wear my swimsuit all day! ha ha ha
I was trying to edit and write my blogs outside while the kids played in the yard with with some water toys.
And since Ellie really didn't want to get wet after all, the bathing suit above was bathing suit #2.
Then, we had a mini lunch feast, on the kids mini table, because they decided it was too hot to eat outside, and I totally agreed.

After lunch, Ellie went down for her daily nap...and woke up like this:

Some days may seem like they are not full of "events", but they bring more fullness to your heart! Today was one of those days. I love my babies so much. I love listening to them talk, them sharing their little thoughts with me, telling me their ideas and just filling them up with love, confidence and always letting them know that their mama is their biggest fan!

Huge hugs, your virtural bff, Kandee

PS. I'm off to go finish editing my new video for tomorrow!


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