Monday, June 10, 2013

Carnival in Kandeeland: Scary Rides and Funnel Cake

 There was a Carnival in town. And we had to go. Even if it was 100 degrees. (And no I'm not exaggerating like, "whoa it's like a 100 degrees outside", it really was 100 degrees outside!)

Ellie won some prizes, a panda, and Blakey won this great "Reggae Chipmunk", they had the nicest carnies, they basically "popped the balloons" that Ellie was aiming at, but didn't hit to help her win! And they dinged the bell with a screwdriver, so that they the kids thought they hit the bell with the big hammer!

Blaker, really did knock down those little win his Reggae-munk!

So, I'm kinda a wimp when it comes to scary rides. I do like Space Mountain at Disneyland though!
But it seems that none of my children share in my same "fear of rides", they were encouraging me to go on the rides! ha ha ha
Blakey insisted that I go on  Pharaoh's Fury with him, AKA a big, swinging-90-degrees-to-the-side-boat-ride.
Well, when we sat down Blakey noticed there wasn't an arm/lap bar, on our row of seats! He had been on it before, I was the newbie. The guy operating our ride, told us all to get off, and apologized saying he just got back from break and didn't notice the missing arm bar! ha ha ha Despite, probably the whole carnival hearing me scream, it was really fun! It was more of a laugh-scream.

LESSON OF THE DAY: check any ride you on at a carnival, because the Carnie there may not notice if something is missing! ha ha ha ha

Even Ellie caught a little plastic fish..that earned her a stuffed whale! Whoo Hoo!

a sample of a funnel cake - better than a whole funnel cake
a butterscotch ice cream swirl
1/4 of a coconut shave ice, until some bug flew in it
Taquitos with guacamole (soooo good)
and we all shared a cup of home made Sarsaparilla (and yes I just had to google how to spell it, because that looked weird to me)
a cup of Vanilla Cream Soda

It was officially, one of the best carnivals I've ever been too. And Jordan even gave me a hug, without me asking, in front of his friends, when we saw him walking around with his friends. We had dropped them off earlier, when it was even hotter!
My heart wanted to explode with happiness!

Happy Monday....may your day be like a roller coaster ride, no matter what ups and down you have- at the end of the day, you still say you had fun!

Love your bestie, Kandee

PS. I was editing the "UPDATED SISTER TAG" video with my sister, yesterday, and it is hilarious! It should be up tomorrow!


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