Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Candy Colored Shoe Cuteness

You guys probably read my post on my blog, on the 6 Candy Colored Shoes To Brighten Up Your Workout, and now you can add some candy-colored fun, think Skittles for you lil' ones feet!

And since it's fun to put your kids in matching things, sometimes...
Ellie had the little infant pair of the New Balance 890v3 and Alani the school age size 890v3 in Dazzling Diva Pink. Have no fear if you have boys, they come in boy friendly colors too!

The best part is the infant/toddler sizes come with an easy on and off velcro tab. These are the fastes, easiest to put on lil' shoes!

The girls love these....and this picture is hilarious...Ellie standing by this Ferrari cracks me up! But she was wearing her "party shoes" and someone even came up and asked if they could take a picture of her in her little shoes and instagram it! ha ha ha Everyone loves fun colored shoes.

Huge hugs and a rainbow of colors, your virtual bestie, Kandee

And if you missed the Crazy Sephora Make-Up haul video I did yesterday, here it is, just hit the little triangle in the center to watch it:



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