Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sometimes I got nothin'.....

Sometimes I've got nothin'. Today is one of those days....while I was busy editing, getting people dresses, washing hands, getting snacks, trying to write my KandeeJ blogpost while helping Ellie play a game, and helping Blake hunt for his missing shoe, and see if Alani found her jacket. I was also trying to do about 10 other things at the same time.

I thought...oh good mission accomplished, I got my blog post done about the top 10 TV Show That Should Are Better Than Most of What's On TV Today. Then I went back to editing my video, and realized I had forgotten all about writing my little post for Kandeeland today.  Well nothing too exciting happened yesterday, except, I edited, cleaned, chased after little people, and then we did get to go to dinner with my Nana who is visiting. But I didn't take any pictures because, #1. I looked like poop, and  #2. my phone didn't have much battery power, so I've got  0+0, for pictures from yesterday.

YEs, don't worry, I just officially fired myself. However, since I see no other candidates to replace me, I might just re-hire myself tomorrow.

From a temporarily fired, Kandee

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