Monday, November 21, 2011

We heart Harajuku (and Gwen Stefani & Target)

(Blakey's Harajuki slip-ons)
We went to Target the other day and I had no idea that Gwen Stefani was collabing with Target to do a kids and babies collection of the cutest clothes!
 (Baby, riding cozy in her Buggy Bag at turns any shopping cart into a cozy lazy-boy like chair! ha ha As you can see, the kids always make a first stop at the dollar section at Target...they might as well just place the toys as soon as you walk in- it stops us everytime!)
*I love Gwen Stefani- I've loved her style since I was in high school.
*I love Target- and the fact that the do cool, lines like this with other stylish peeps or brands. I never even saw the Missoni collection, except for a few weird clearance things like a scratchy baby sweater dress and some rainboots on clearance.
*I wish all this was in bigger sizes than just baby and kids!

Take a peek and the Mini Harajuku stuff- and I read how it was a mix of all the styles that Gwen has loved and rocked over her whole career...and not to sound like a broken record, but I loved everything!
 Look at these little Harajuku Mini Slip-ons!
 These onesie said it needed a home, and we took it with, us wore it yesterday, and got compliments everywhere we went! Can you see the little knee high socks in the background? So cutey.
 The little plaid, punk pants were so cute I bought a pair for Alani, Blake AND the baby! They can look like very different sized triplettes!
 Blakey in his Harajuku shoes, H & M pants (they have the cheapest kids clothes- like $3.95 for a shirt!) and a new sweater we got at's just there Target brand.
When I picked Alani up from school, she told me again, how much she loved her new outfit. I got her the plaid punk pants, with the little pleated flap on the back (my favorite part, I wish they made these in my size. Her striped shirt with the bows and tuxedo ruffles on the front, and the mini motorcycle jacket is so cute. Style of Gwen Stefani, prices of Target....awesome combo!

You can dress like a rockstar on a non-rockstar bank account!

Mini clothes and shopping carts... your kandee

PS. I have no idea how long this line will be at Target...all I can say is there's NO DOUBT, you better WIND IT UP and make a SWEET ESCAPE to Target before all that's left is SPIDERWEBS....ha ha ha

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