Saturday, November 26, 2011

Look Who's 10 months old!

Officially she passed the 10 month mark 3 days ago...and it now an official 10 month old!
She has been bringing smiles and joy for 10 months now, and it feels like she was just a little tiny baby wrapped like a burrito and I would just hold her all day!

See she had her flower on her headband for about .2 seconds...then shortly after the top picture, she removed that too! ha ha ha

PS Her outfit is another cutie we got from Gwen Stefani's Mini Harjuku line at Target! We LOVE, love, lOve...the whole line!

We busted out our Christmas decorations last today I'm gonna try to decorate with the kids, and try to film some fun "holiday" videos at nap time- I hope! ha ha ha
hot chocolate and twinkly lights, your kandee


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