Friday, November 25, 2011

Outfits of the Day & Cray Cray

This is how we dress for Thanksgiving....
*Read this as if you are a correspondent/host on E!...
Alani is all decked out in her Christmas dress from Gwen Stefani's Mini Harajuku line at Target. (yeah, I know it's not Christmas, but why just wear a dress on Christmas when it's so cute!)..She also has on her plaid Mini Harajuku jacket. Black legging from Target...and her fav, Flex Elizabeth PediPed patent leather and suede boots with the satin bow laces,

 Blaker, who holds still for about .001 seconds, is wearing his new Mini Harajuku shirt (I told you we went crazy when we saw this line!), Denizen jeans (they are the "cool guy jeans" line for boys at Target), studded belt we bought at the Melrose Trading Post, "tent of $5 belts and sunglasses", and the turquoise VANS he picked out.
 Blakey took these blurry "outfit" of the day of baby...the other ones are so blurry you can't tell what she is. ha ha ha
 As you can't tell in the picture, she is wearing a pink and white striped romper suit, with a hood from Old Navy, other other favorite place for little clothes. And the holiday mary jane socks, from Trumpette's line at Target.
 This is what Jordan and my grampa wore....ha ha ha ha. Look how tall Jordan is...I think he grows by the minute. I think he just measured at 6 feet tall and growing.

My favorite....we spent Thanksgiving at my gramma's. No matter how old you are, you feel like a little kid at gramma's. All the troubles of the world melt away, and I just felt safe, cozy, and like the world is ok. And we had 3 different pies and desserts!

Then we went to the movies, I wanted to see the Muppets, but the kids wanted to see Arthur Christmas. So we saw Arthur Christmas, which was really cute, and pretty funny- the brother with the Christmas Tree goatee and the crazy grampa Santa was my favorite.
* we drove home, I wondered if people would be camping out for the crazy Black Friday sales that go on here in the US, where things are like 99% off! ha ha ha
There were hundred of people camping outside of Best'd think they were giving out $500 in cash with every $200 tv! ha ha

And as I posted on doesn't pay to save $200, but have a $400 bill from your broken arm you got fighting people off at the sales. Did you hear of that lady that was spraying other shoppers with pepper spray at Wal-Mart, so they wouldn't beat her to the sales stuff!? CRAY CRAY!!!

They should call it GREEN friday...because all the green they make! ha ha ha

friday-ly yours, kandee



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