Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Disney on Ice: how to get the worst seats (almost)

 If you can't tell by this picture, that behind me is the very back wall of the event center where I took the kids to see Disney On Ice this last weekend.
I bought the tickets online and when they sent me the tickets to print out...they were even farther away than the seats they told me I purchased in the first place! ha ha ha Tickets this far away should come with binoculars. (Even baby liked all the lights and music.)
 Blake wearing his "Incedibles" hat/mask...which came with the show program- which showed nothing about the actual program, except for some Tic Tac Toe with Tinkerbell activities. The hat/mask was the best part about the "program" we bought.
(once again, notice how high we are in the seats...ha ha ha)
This was our view...which I tried to make seem as fun as we could...."hey at least we can see EVERYTHING going on all over the stage"....
the kids had fun...Blake said, "Mommy, Sebastian (from Little Mermaid) waved at me! He really waved at me!"
Alani loved all the princesses. They loved to clap and yell after each performance. And it was super dark and we were way up in the boonies...baby nursed under her blankie. Then we tried to escape with a mob of other carseat carrying, diaper bag toting, princess dressed, herds of people.
I always tell the kids, to hold on to me- grab a my shirt, purse, pocket, just hold onto mama! And we made out way outside!

It was so much fun...and I just saw a bunch of little videos Alani made from the backseat of the car after we left talking about how fun the show was and how we got to get cotton candy! These memories are what mean the world to me. The kids won't remember how far away we sat, but they will remember how exciting this day was!

The person I felt the worst for was the guy in the Pumba suit, from Lion King...I don't know how that guy fit in the Pumba suit or how he was able to ice skate all bent over like that.

huge hugs and princesses on ice skates.... kandee


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