Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yes, we love 10 foot tall shoes and 2 story cakes!

Giant things ahoy!
Not only did we find an ant as big as me, a super huge hot pink boot, but many other fun things like camels and pink elephants when we  headed to the golf course...
this is my dad...and me with some unruly bangs and a sleeping baby...
the pro golfers in the background are:  my mom, Blakey and Alani
my parents are divorced, but I love that they can still do things together with us and we can have fun!
 Now this is what I'm talking about......a 2 story cake!
Alani checking out just exactly what this cake-trick-door does when you hit the ball through it....
needless to say I didn't hit my ball through the "trick door"- mine just bing-bonged around racking me up a nice high score....FYI: in golf, the high score loses- the lower the score wins...ha ha ha
Me, baby, and our Sleepy Wrap...she was just hiding her face...she was not sleeping in her sleepy wrap! My shots kinda went down hill when she fell alseep and I was just hitting the ball without really seeing, and with one hand. ha ha ha

Yeah...hot pink boot!
Blakey checking out the liner of the boot.
 Blakey scoping out the shot and the tricky Camel hole...Blakey hit it in the hole in 2 tries!

My mom and Elyse, before we hit the course, much more awake then when we finished!

Alani even won a free game of golf when we returned our golf balls! And Grampa (my dad), got the kids handfuls of quarters to play arcade games...me and Blakey like the boat racing game and Jordan sent a few air hockey sticks flying! ha ha ha

We're ready to go on the pro mini golfing tour....ha ha ha
only if I can take my pink golf ball and rubber club...ha ha ha
giant pink elephants and colored golf balls... your kandee


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