Thursday, November 3, 2011

First trip to the hair salon...

Memorable day: our first time at a "real" kids salon to get Alani and Blake's hair cut! All their haircuts...have been by me, but I am not nearly as exciting as a "real salon for kids only" with toys and fun decoration...
we drove by SNIP-IT'S, the other day! And then the kids wanted to go to SNIP-IT's to get their hair snipped!
SNIP-IT'S is a chain of super cute kids only , hair salons! They have fun tv's you play games on while they cut and style hair, fun capes, fun's like disneyland meets hair salon!

Blake said: "I want a snip-it!"....They were so excited to go...and we had everyone with us...even Nana and Grampa....we were like, my mom and my dad all with our phones out taking pictures of them getting their hair cut.
 Alani opted for a's was only $8.95!!! What a deal! They even have fun girl birthday parties, with princess clothes to dress up in and fun accessories and they do your hair- Alani said she wants to have a birthday party here!
(look at the pose he's doing! I have no idea how we can twist his leg like that! ha ha ha)
The hair stylist gave us 3 options for Blake's hair-
*"the going to college"- slicked to the side.
* "the going to college but in a band"-  combed forward but the front sticking up a bit"
* "the rockstar"- a bit more mohawk- fauxhawk
-he ofcourse went for the "rockstar" look...we even got him the yummy grape scented hair glue, to make sure we could replicate this rockin' style!
and the bonus- they asked if he would like to add blue hair spray to his hair....ofcourse he said yes...and no worried, it just washes out.

and the best part is...I didn't have to clean up, sweep up, vacuum up any hair...and the kids held perfectly still, were so excited before, during and after...
whoever came up with a kids-only hair salon that's fun is a genius...
huge hugs and good hair days, kandee


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