Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are you ready to smell like the holidays?

 As you know....I have long been scent-obsessed with every single product from Mrs. Meyer's...
they are all natural and I love everything about them!
my regular favorite scent is the Basil- I have it in everything from room fresheners to countertop cleaner to handsoap!

BUT NOW......they are dazzle noses everywhere with their limited edition HOLIDAY Scents......

are you ready these are my favorites...and now it will be a race to see who orders up the rest of holiday supply! ha ha ha

These are what I'm buying so you'll know exactly what my house will smell like (ha ha ha):
#1. every single GINGERBREAD scented product they make....will be mine! ha ha ha

#2. Spice Cake (this and Gingerbread are my fav-ey favs!) It smells like  a sweet, yummy, vanilla hinted spice!
#3.  Orange Clove smells so spicy and delicious, it makes cleaning your counter like a treat for you senses.

#4. Cranberry smells holiday fruity.

#5.  Iowa Pine is the last holiday option, but I'm not really a fan of pine scent...ha ha ha But I think it's already sold out for the season anyway.

Happy holiday's to houses, countertops, and freshly washed hands that all smell like a yummy escape from a snowy wonderland, with fresh baked treats and homemade whipped cream waiting in bowls....oh yummm!... from a cake-scented home, kandee

A note to the real Mrs. Meyer, a homemaker and mother of 9. 
Dear Mrs. Meyer, 
I am in love with everything you make, keep up the great scents. My home smells delicious thanks to your company and it's naturally, sparkling clean thanks to your awesome company! Thanks for being a mom of 9, and for saying that a mom's goal is not to have a perfect house- but one that looks like it's lived in- complete with toy messes and laundry piles!
love and a yummy smelling house, with clean laundry piles, kandee 


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