Saturday, November 19, 2011

Recipe for a Wild Friday Night

Yes...We were some girls gone wild tonight....
Get out your cookbook note cards because we're about to cook up a wild Friday night.
One thing that is essential before reading any further...note that my sister is visiting...which means I am excited, because just like in our childhood years, she is sleeping in the room next to mine...hooray.

Here is the recipe to cook up a wild friday night
(in no particular order, actually none of these are in order, at all) 
And no one checked anyone's id at the door

What you need:
1. 2 Sisters 
(with real babies of their own, not plastic babies like when we first were next door neighbors and much shorter and less digits in our ages)

2. A good round of baby baths
(complete with getting peed on right before inserting a bathee into their bathtub)

3. The horrible FLASH-powered self-portrait I thought would be fun to jazz things up a bit and show you how glamorous I am on Friday nights...yeah that's right, I gave my make-up the night off. See the above pictures to review said photograph. That's what I call "phancy photography".

4. Blue Berry Cobbler
One wonderful mother who baked us a blue berry cobbler, set the timer and bid us farewell. We both really wished we had some ice cream to make it a la mode.
****awww man ,I already messed up the order, she said good bye then we started the baths....I'm too exhausted to go re-type it.

5. Me singing this song in my "manliest" voice...."The Surrey With The Fringe On Top"
(because it's funny, and we were just joke singing it yesterday- then we went to an antique store, my sister buys this old kids book...we open it up when we get home, and guess what song is inside on the first page?" Surrey Song!)

6. Pajama Party Time
We all had our jammies on at around 8:30pm....I know....wild party animals.

7. Say Good Night To the Party Man
We all marched up to say goodnight to Jordan, who did not appreciate my "Surrey Song", I sang for him, and promptly asked us to leave his room saying we were embarrassing to his friends that would hear us on his headset in the background.

8. Seconds and Thirds
Yes, I had not only seconds, but third helpings of the blueberry cobbler....I couldn't help myself, it's Friday!

9. Disturbing the Peace
I had to ask Jordan who was up until moments ago, laughing very loudly and talking really loudly...a little too much to my "you're going to wake up the baby"-level loud....he promptly replied with, "I'm being too loud, huh?"....

10. Diapers are Fun
As my niece, who is 2, came with me to "help" change the baby's diaper (she handed me a wipe)...said..."she has a lotta poop! That is uh-sgusting!"

It's almost midnight and I've had my jammies on for hours....
Wild and Crazy Friday night...... diapers, baths, fesh baked dessert, laughing with my sister, and putting out pajams on really early.... your kandee


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