Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Surf's Up in the Bathroom Dude

 Blaker catching some gnarly waves in the bathroom sink...he even brought his little chair...er, I mean "surf board" into the bathroom. He washed his hands and made an ocean in the sink.
And this is surfer dude.
AKA The Huck Doll- he has velcro on the bottom of his feet, that "velcro" to the velcro on his surfboard.

 Who said bathrooms aren't fun....we have Surfin Safari's goin' on in ours!

Alani had her turn playing in the sink too, but instead of a Surf Session, hers was more like a Princess Swimming Party...everyone from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty went for a "sink swim"...

We have the cleanest little plastic doll people and surfer dudes around....
some people want beach front property...I've got a "seaside sink"...ha ha ha ha
i love my lil surfer dude and dudette.
sinks up dude!   your kandee


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