Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DIY Fall Decorating: Glam Golden Pumpkins

one of my go-to items in life is gold spray paint...
gold spray paint can make almost anything fun and fancy...it's like "fancy-in-a-can"!
*need to use crutches spray paint em' gold
*got any ugly old brown frame- spray it gold
*got an old bicylce- spray it gold!
*ugly, beat up, fake plastic, pumkins- spray em gold!

no need to pan for gold....we're just gonna fake-some expensive gold fall decor

what you need:
#1. paper bags or newspaper to set pumpkins on

#2. gold or silver spray paint - I like the gold shade from Krylon. (I think a mix of silver and gold pumpkins would be fun)

#3. either real of fake pumpkins of all sizes- I think a mix of big and little ones are fun too. One of my favorite are the fairytale pumpkins!
*TIP: if you use the fake pumpkins you're guaranteed a long-lasting look! I have saved mine and use them every year!

Spray entire pumpkin, let dry and get ready to dazzle your house, and make your friends think you are so glam, fancy and creative with your silver and gold pumpkins!
 pair your pumpkin with with fun patterns
or with pink and twinkly lights...
or pair with little disco ball ornaments, sparkly orange glitter branches, and some glittery christmas ornaments that out busted out early to add some dazzle...

somebody hold me back...I'm about to spray my laptop gold too....
golden kandee


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