Saturday, November 5, 2011

We Party Like Rockstars...or I meant Betty Crocker...

 My "diamond" bling cooking mit, getting ready to check on the WORST brownies we've ever had- Fun things like this oven mitt are my weakness- I love silly stuff like diamond ring cooking mitts!
I also got little rubber vinyl records that are drink coasters, when our Borders bookstore went out of sale! 

I realized as I typed this, the reason our brownies were so dry and cake-like.....
I forgot to put the oil in! No wonder they were so gross! Oh my poor mom-brain! And I even had my mom and Jordan watching me cook, no one reminded me either....ha ha they are fired as my chef assistants.

 (these were our bowls waiting for the disgusting brownies to finish baking to their dry perfection!)
Some people go out to clubs, some people go to concerts, some people go to dinner and a movie on friday night..but not us. Not us wild rockstars of fun! We stay home, had a pajama party, bake brownies to make brownie sundaes, watched Blake and Alani's crazy lego creations and watch Gumby. We just ate the ice cream without our gross, drier than a cracker, biscuit.
 Me and Cupcake in our jammies! I love her Cupcake jammies! psst: they are from Carter's, the Just One Year line...I love these!
 Since our lil "cupcake" started crawling...they fear her like a monster...because they think she will break everything! ha ha ha

this won most amazing lego creation...

Nightly wrap up:
always put the oil in your brownies or no one will want to eat dry cake/cracker brownies.

We had fun even if the brownies were not so yummy! ha ha ha
making memories even if they are of our yucky brownies....
huge love and even huger oven mitts with fun things on them... kandee


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