Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Wigs

You know I'm always showing you guys the funniest baby products, coolest baby products, or most ridiculous baby products - to make you laugh!

Next wigs?
I am on the awesome side of the fence here!
Wish that bald little baby in your family had some hair to keep him or her warm? Tired of boring old baby hats and caps? (Just one is really going to put a wig on their baby to wear- these are just funny to throw on for pictures!)

Above is the hysterical "Lil Kim" wig! or it could even be your "Baby (Katy) Perry"! Holla', California girls babies!
 No other baby will Trump this's the Donald, Donald Trump. "I didn't say, you're fired! I said I'm tired!"
Yes you bet your combover it's The Donald baby wig!
 Any baby can look like Samuel L. Jackson with the Samuel L. wig!
 And the Bob Marley Baby wig is pretty popular because it's sold out: aw man......"No cry"...
you just have to wait like a mellow reggae song for the next batch of baby dreads to come in!

These are hilarious- I kinda want to go by my lil' baby one of the Lil Kim, but I think it looks more like Katy Perry Baby wig! We could do mama and me costume looks! ha ha just kidding.

*no one get your diapers in a bunch-these are just for fun, mostly just a quick picture...but I do like they they lined them with fleece for baby's comfort.
Brilliant and funny! You've gotta go check out their website! The photo gallery is hilarious!!!

toupees and comb-overs like The Donald....kandee


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