Saturday, October 15, 2011


Welcome to our "Bath Cafe"....when I was asked, "what would you like to drink ma'am"...
by my 4 year old "heart melter", Blake...
I asked: "what do you have?"
Blake: "we have "yemonade, root beer floats, every drink you can think of!"

I ordered 2 root beer for me and one for Ellie Bellie (they were both pretend, we were not really gonna drink the bathwater beverages)...
They were the most delicious root beer bath floats we'd ever had!
We told Blake how amazing they were....what a great drink creator he was and thanked him so much!

He beamed and asked if we'd like another drink. We ordered another "round" of root beer floats.

It's a good thing they were imaginary, because we drank a lot of floats!

We love baths...we'll I myself am a "shower person"...but my little me's love baths.
Blake would take 3 baths a day if I had the energy to give him 3 baths a day...but I only have energy for 1 bath a day! ha ha ha ha

Clean and full of imaginary floats...kandee


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