Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Camera Surprises

 Sometimes when I upload photos I get special photo surprises..like these...they are precious photo surprises taken by my little photo-taking-loving-lil-people, and I see little pictures like this...
(I have no idea how Alani got those pretty colored bubble things in the picture, but I love them!)
mostly all the photos look like this and most are very uplose-to-the-face pictures of them making silly faces..ha ha ha
I have many others I could've uploaded..but just imagine tons more blurry photos or photos of just a silly face, crazy eyes or a silly mouth face...ha ha ha

I love this pictures and I love the precious little people that took these...and I will treasure these little pictures forever....

surprise pictures....kandee

maybe you can surprise someone with a fun picture today! ha ha ha


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