Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's in the "Kandeeland" fridge?!?

Hootie Hoooooooooo
An owl.

This is Alani's lunch tote.
(and in case anyone loves it and wants own of their own, we got it at Target, it's made by Arctic Zone)

I'd prolly think my fridge would be filled with trays of cupcakes and rolls of cookie dough...and yikes! Why do I have all that greenery up in there....
Yes, I'm a closet health nut. ha ha ha

I've got Coconut Milk, Flax Seeds (for my smoothies), kale, spinach, even more coconut milk...and more vegetables and healthy stuff.

I know, I know snooze-ville. With a name like Kandee, you'd expect cakes, pudding, syrups and sauces...and instead I've got Cod Liver Oil in many flavors (yes, they make it flavored- and let me tell you.....Pina Colada is not a flavor Fish Oil should come in-yuck!)

love from your smoothie makin, health-nutty....kandee


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