Saturday, October 22, 2011

From one of the best places to go in LA:

 This is happy Ellie Bellie (aka Cupcake, aka a lot of other sweetie names)...and no she does not eat bread but it sure was fun to hold and tap it against the table! Ha Ha Ha
There was the cutest little "almost 2 year old" from Australia sitting at the table across from us that was blowing us kisses...and Elyse thought she was hilarious!
At one of my favorite places in LA...the Grove! As you can see by the sign the Cheesecake Factory it there...yumzie, but the line is always too long! ha ha And there tons of little places to eat outside, which the kids always like better.

Strolling around looking at all the fun things, the water show, the trolley car, the huge line that was at the Apple store- for I'm not sure what Apple goodie, the band that was playing's so fun there I just love it!
Happy Saturday everyone!

huge hugs and hooray for SATURDAY!!!! kandee


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