Friday, October 14, 2011

Nighttime Cuteness: matching monkey feet

 All my kids are fans of the footie jammies...this is Blakey in his "jungle jammies" with monkeys on the feet....and little Ellie Bellie had her monkey jammies on too!
 It was hard to catch a non-blurry picture of Blakey or baby...since both of them move very, very, very fast....
 Both were all shiny and new smelling from their baths. And Alani is happily sleeping in her "pink leopard print" footie jammies, but was a little sad that the ones in her size don't have animals on the feet.
Best sound in the little precious ones laughing and playing together. Jordan would not wear footie pajamas even if I found them in his size! ha ha ha Being 14 and taller than your mom, is a pretty clear sign that footie jammies won't be appreciated! ha ha ha

So for now, I'll enjoy my house full of animal-footsies!

love and monkey jammies, kandee


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