Tuesday, October 25, 2011

There's gonna be a new baby in the family!

 We are gonna have a new baby in the family!
And when I say we.....I mean my sister.
But my mom always told us to share, so.........
and since I have wayyyy more babies than my sister, it's time she tries to catch up! ha ha ha Just kidding.

Yes, I was finally given the thumbs up to share that my lil sissy is officially a baby garden, baby oven, baby basket...you get the idea- my sister is 3 months pregnant! hooray!

I am so excited for my sister and my precious brother-in-law! (he is almost exactly like me...that's why she married him! ha ha ha...just kidding, but without fail whenever we go anywhere, it's me and my brother-in-law that always order the same exact thing, that no one else is ordering! Or we'll tell my sister the same advice or opinion! ha ha ha)

My sister asked my lil Niece, Sydney who is 2 and a half,
"Do you want a little brother or little sister?"
SYDNEY replies:
"hmmmmm, I want a pizza!"

So excited...and I hope she has a girl so I can give her all Cupcake's fun girly clothes and toys! And my sister found out she was pregnant right after I had just given all the baby's little baby things  to my 2 pregnant friends! ha ha ha

Good thing she hurried up and told me she was going to have a baby!

To my sister: I love you and I can't wait to see this precious lil baby....I'll be your labor coach! I'll  make you laugh-all-through-your labor..ha ha ha ha

hooray for a new niece or nephew!!! Auntie Kandee


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