Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I need a Super Hero today...

it's a good thing I have a resident super hero in the house..because today I think I need one! Ok, scratch that....I need one everyday.

We got back from the Youtube Meet Up last night...
and today I need to do a list pretty darn huge before I pack all our stuff to head to the Beauty Social event this weekend, the Meet Up for the Big Cover FX event at Sephora, and I have a bunch of other things I'm trying to fit in, while carrying a baby everywhere! ha ha

Yesterday at Youtube, ofcourse baby goes with me everywhere...I missed all lot of the super important parts of the day yesterday because I had to feed baby! Life of a nursing mom who's baby doesn't take bottles...ha ha ha She's more important anyway.

Now I'm off to try to pack, type my blog, attempt to peek at my emails that didn't even get looked at yesterday or today...ahhhhh scary.

Wishing I had roller skates today so I can whizzzzz around faster everywhere I have to go today!

oh boy I better stop typing....wishing you all roller skates for your day too!

your kandee


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