Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday likes and Sunday- what we did.

We like sitting in Blaker's room. He has really fun toys.
We like leopard print leggings.
We like that Target makes cute things like leopard print leggings.
We wish they made them in big girl sizes.
We like our messy hair.

We like going to antique stores on Sunday.
Which is what we all did yesterday.
But before that, we like going to church.
I flipped through cookbooks and children's party decorating books from the 50's while Alani and Blake tried to find the biggest books they could.

We like White Chocolate Bread Pudding.
We like, well me and Blaker, like my Acai and Kale smoothies I made this morning....

and I'd more than like, I'd love to sleep 5 hours straight....ok, I'd just settle for 5 hours of sleep a night!

love ya like leopard leggings...kandee


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