Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What about Bob?!?

 I used to run 5-7 miles a day. It was my time to process all my thoughts, get some vitamin D from the sunshine, get all my endorphins going so I felt great for the day...
And I miss it. I used to load up my Bob stroller with Alani and Blake- they eat snack while I pushed them along the dirt trail. I cannot believe I used to run that much now that I think about it...I used to hate running.

So after realizing, I miss really being in shape, I want to feel great and full of energy again- it's time to get back into serious, fitness business! My random Brazilian Butt Lift workouts and little random workouts are great, but I miss being outside, breathing fresh air and feeling the sunshine.

So I dusted off the Bob stroller in the garage- loaded up little lady (Elsye) for her first ride in the Bobberino (as we call it)...and hit the trail- she fell asleep, I felt the sunshine...listened to my fav songs on Pandora.
*TIP- if you're pushing your kids or babies in strollers- I only put one ear bud in one ear, so I keep the other ear free to listen for my little ones.
*I always bring snacks and water for the little ones too.
It was great! I felt great afterwards....
and I've been meaning to do a "How to lose the weight after baby" video too! Who wants to get in shape with me- see muscles you didn't know were there?! It's not about getting skinny- it's about getting your body fit and feeling great!
Maybe we can all do it together and I can do some videos for my smoothies and workout ideas for us all!

one stroller pushing machine, kandee

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