Thursday, April 26, 2012

Diary of a Hello Kitty Party....

 Ask for Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty you shall get! Alani- the birthday girl asked for Hello Kitty, well or Ariel, but it turns out Ariel wasn't popular enough to have birthday plates made after her.
I piled balloons and paper lanterns onto the dining table light...and stacked up all her Hello Kitty wrapped presents on the table.
 I got these cute little felt flowers in the dollar section at Target (thanks sister for telling me about these! My creative sister, is actually going to frame them in my neice's bathroom- brilliant idea!)
 And may I present one of the most "interesting" looking cakes. I did not make this cake! And yes, I know I'm going to be uploading my "best chocolate cake and icing recipe" today on youtube, but Alani was in the mood for ice cream cakes! So....we ordered up this cake...

 And now may I present our "ugly" cake! ha ha ha Alani asked for an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins (AKA 31 Flavors)... and usually whenever we've got an ice cream cake from them it's cute. But not this time! ha ha ha It looks like they scraped off the pink icing then re-wrote it all wobbly and hard to read below! ha ha ha ha At least it tasted delicious! And the star candles we stuck in made it look cute!
What is more fun than showing up to school with balloons and bouquets of flowers to make someone feel extra "princessy"!?
 And I had to include this picture of my little Target birthday present-shopping helper. She picked out these rolls of wrapping paper (which we did not really buy) and she carried Alani's princess, gift bag around like a purse! Those moccasins move fast, I tell ya!

We feasted on pizza and cake! Which seems to be everyone's birthday dinner request!

Alani said it was her best birthday ever! And in my heart, I said: "mission accomplished- best birthday ever, until next year!).....

hello kitty and funny looking ice cream cakes, kandee

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