Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Look Who's 15 Months Old!!

Yesterday officially marked the 15 month mark for Elyse (aka Cupcake- her name everyone nicknamed her while I was pregnant!)...
this was her posing next to the "almost-as-big-as-her-Hershey's-chocolate-syrup"!! You know how I love things that are way bigger or smaller than they should be! ha ha ha

I can't believe she's so big....it seems like not long ago I was still like this.....
And now my sister looks like this....hee hee hee

huge hugs and getting ready for Miss Alani's birthday tomorrow!!!!!
HINT: my chocolate (birthday) cake recipe and tutorial will be on it's way to celebrate!!!

hugs and cake ingredients, your kandee

Click on one of these bad linkeroos for more "kandee fun-ness":


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