Sunday, April 29, 2012

My little sis and my lil baby, and her lil baby on the way

This picture may look like it's me, but it's not...
That is my little Elyse, when she was so much tinier.
But that is my sister, Tiffany seeing baby for the first time.
(yes, I know, people have asked us if we're twins our whole lives, but I'm older and wiser by 22 months-hee hee)
My sister is also ready to have her new baby girl in just a couple weeks!
I am so excited.
I hope I can be there to coach her on and encourage her- since I've gone through it 4 times already! ha ha Yesterday, we laughed about pregnancy and labor and I could hear the calm return to her voice again- the best feeling in the world. I've felt like my little "big sister's heart mission", has been to keep my sister safe and happy and calm all her fears.

My plan is to make her laugh all through her labor so she doesn't have time to get freaked out, like she made me laugh while I was on the phone (starting labor with Elyse) with her, waiting for my midwife to get to my house.

I can't wait to see my new little niece and I can't wait to be the "Big Sister Labor Coach". My sister and I have a way of making each other laugh, harder than anyone else...I don't know of too many people that could make me laugh through a contraction but her...and I hope I can do the same for her!

I'm so excited, definitely more excited than my sister probably is about going into labor! ha ha ha
I'm thinking I should do my own "kandee version" of videos (on my other channel (TheKandeeJohnsonShow) like "What to Expect When You're Expecting" but "my style"..ha ha ha

mama kandee

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