Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Morning Cuddlers

 The best part of Saturday mornings:
no school
hanging out in jammies
all my little cuddle-bears cuddling on the couch
and yummy Saturday morning breakfasts delights- I think I'm gonna whip up some French Toast!

 Blakey giving Ellie a kiss on the forehead....
My little loves sitting on the couch....I think the oldest of my love-bugs is still sleeping- we haven't seen Jordan come out of his room yet! ha ha ha

There is something that just feels different about Saturdays, that I love! Maybe it's that I used to love watching Saturday morning cartoons when I was little, riding my bike while my dad worked in the garage, or knowing that everyone was doing fun stuff!

Happy Saturday everyone, I'm off like a light, to make some French Toast, your kandee

click HERE TO READ MY SATURDAY 5 ON MY KANDEEJ BLOG- and a pretty snazzy Saturday morning picture of myself...hee hee

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