Monday, April 30, 2012

Must See Movie Review: Chimpanzee

(image: Youtube)

My mom offered to watch my other babies (the ones that are not so much a fan of sitting in a movie theater yet) while me and Alani went to the movies for a "Girls Afternoon Out" the other day.

We held hands as we hurried into the movies.
We raced to get our "traditional movie snacks":
We shared a box of Milk Duds.

And Icee's.
(we don't normally get Icee's, but we went wild!)

We watched Disney's CHIMPANZEE!
At first I thought, oh this probably is going to be like watching the Discovery Channel, but nothing else was playing at the same time, but I was WRONG.
This moving is INCREDIBLE.
When, "THE END", popped up on the screen- I've never felt like I've watched a movie so quickly- I seriously thought, "hey, but we've only been watching for about 15 minutes"...the movie went by so fast because it's just amazing.

From the story of the love between a baby and it's mama to the incredible cinematography- how they film the rain falling on the plants is like nothing the human eye ever sees, to how they capture the jungle glowing at night with the neon plants- is unreal!
To seeing his "unlikely mama", that adopts him!
Seeing the parts of the jungle you never see is so incredibly fascinating.

We laughed, we cried, we saw "awwwww" a lot, we fell in love with baby OSCAR, the chimpanzee.
And then, we couldn't believe it was over already.

I think this movie would be great for kids 6 and over.
Blakey, who is 4, may have thought some of the parts are scary.
They don't show any violent parts, but if you're 4 years old and the Chimpanzee's fight over their territory, it might scare little guys- it get's dark and the Chimpanzee's make loud noises.
Tim Allen, does a great job as the narrator- he makes things funny and some more "intense moments" not so intense- and his voice is really calming to listen to in this movie.

Afterwards, me and Alani talked about how we both cried when Oscar lost his mama. And how much mama's love their babies.

I give this movie 2 "Popcorns Up" (like thumbs but tastier).

PS. One of our favorite parts is when Oscar is learning how to "crack open" the nuts from their treasured Nut Grove under the waterfall.

I love Milk Duds, kandee

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