Monday, April 2, 2012

Appliance Make-Overs: i heart polka dots!

This is perhaps one of the cutest, coolest, ideas I've ever seen for a washer and dryer make-over! Actually I've never even seen a washer and dryer make-over.
I saw this on Pinterest and had to find out who did this and how!

This is not my washing machine, although I really wish mine was polka dotted. I'm sure it would make doing laundry way more fun. 
I wish I had come up with something as cool as this with my own little brain...but alas, I suffer from feeling "very-not-as-creative-as-everyone-else-on-pinterest-with-their-amazing-pictures-and-craft-ideas-that-are-even-more-amazing-than-their-already-amazing-photographs".... but, I can tell you who did this awesome project, the super sweet and very-good-at-stenciling, Abbie, of 5 Days 5 Ways!

CLICK RIGHT HEE-YAH to go to Abbie's blog 5 Days 5 get your laundry-washing-mind-blown...

Just look at this before:
boring old appliances in black and white....
AND AFTER: (insert oooooooooooh and ahhhhhh's)
I stinking love this idea! And if I didn't rent my house, as well as the washing machine that came along with the house, I would totally do this. Someday I dream of owning my own house and being able to paint striped, polka dots and zig zag patterns on the walls (or washing machines).

I know, are you dreaming of what your fridge would look like with a zig zag pattern now, or maybe a floral print, leopard or zebra "striped dryer"....ahhhhh dreaming of the day I own my own washing machine! ha ha ha
It's like "appliance make-up"! I love this so much. Go check out Abbie's blog and give her a big "hello" for me, with a nicey-pie comment!

I am not dreaming of yellow-polka dot bikinis, but I am dreaming of taking my freshly washed sheets out of a yellow polka dot washing machine...probably the only time I'll ever day dream about laundry, your kandee

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