Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Justin Bieber and Spring Break-ness.

Or as Blakey calls him, Justin Beaver.
Last night, after bathtime, Blakey told me he wanted his hair to look like "Justin Beaver's" hair......
This is, as, Justin Bieber as we could make his hair.
I still think it's funny that he even know who Justin Bieber is!

When he came out to show Alani...she quickly corrected him:
"Blake, it's not Justin BEAVER! It's Justin BEEE-BURRR."

Since the kids are on Spring Break...
We went to the park to eat our lunch feast of sandwiches...then to play.
Lil tiny, (AKA Elyse)...discovered her love for the baby swings at the park. She loved them and even got all "I-could-almost-fall-asleepy-eyed" in the swing:

 Checking out the other kids in the swings! It was very popular on the baby swings!
 "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......we're flying!"
And then I made perhaps the best homemade Macaroni and Cheese ever. I totally screwed up the recipe and didn't have the right ingredients- but it came out delicious! Gouda cheese is so "good-ah", everyone loved it! We put every kind of cheese we had in the fridge. Blake ended up eating all the cheese he grated for me, so we had to add more different kinds!

From our "Pop-star" living room to yours...have a "swingin'" good day,
Kandee and her little, Justin Bieber

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