Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Food Poisoning Diaries

Who: Me
What: Food Poisoning
Where: well, right now I'm laying on my couch curled up in a ball.
Why: I ate some, oh I cant even describe it, it makes me want to throw up just thinking about it. It was an Irish place and nothing against Irish food- I'm even a quarter Irish.

Food Poisoning is not fun because:
I couldn't sleep.
The feeling of vomiting is one of my least favorite things- the sweating, the extra saliva, the stomach muscles spasming all crazy, the dry heaving....ugh

All the lil ones are fine...
And little Elyse curled up on me and her cuddly lil', warm self, felt like a warm compress on my stomach.

I kept a little bowl next to me in case I couldn't make it to throw up in the bathroom...and baby was trying to grab the bowl while I was "throwin' up" I was trying to move around so she couldn't get the bowl while I was throwing up...ha ha ha  That's what I call "Fun with Food Poisoning"!

Hope my stomach is gonna get back to it's happy self soon...and if anyone is feeling yucky, I'm sending you, hugs and "hope-you-feel-better-ness", kandee

if u wanna see these things just click on em to see mine:


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