Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Problem With Being a Princess

I think I made a bit of a mistake. We always stock up on princess costumes this time of year! They are cheaper than buying them at Disneyland or anywhere else, and you can even get the matching wigs, if you have a little one like me, that insists on the wigs also!

Above you will see "Ariel" with her red "Ariel hair" wig.
And below, Snow White was reading to go have lunch with Blakey at school. She was quite a hit, and even the principal had to say hi to "snow white"!

Snow White had on her Tinkerbell Shoes, just to add some spice the ensemble.
Snow White is also very independent and insisted on opening all the doors.

All the other kindergartners really loved her outfit, the boys even said how adorable she looked! ha ha

And the night before Ariel having dinner at Panda Express.
 The only problem with the costumes, is that during the day she wants to change princeses about every 5 minutes, so I feel like I'm a wardrobe assistant backstage on a Broadway Play...
changing wigs, changing dresses, changing tiaras, changing shoes....changing, oh not...not the gloves! We had a really hard time getting the gloves on! ha ha ha

But as we noticed.....a LITTLE Princess brightens up and brings  A LOT of smiles to people no matter where we go. Many people said seeing her in her outfit made their day! Not only is Ellie happy in her princess attire but it's like she sparkles by adding smiles to people's faces all around her...well, more than normal, that is! ha ha ha

PS. And I have some FUN princess tutorials coming up on my youtube channel , (kandeejohnson) too! Get ready for fun stuff on the way!

Huge hugs from me and the princess, Kandee

And if you missed out "watermelephant" tutorial, come see my and my "not-twin" sister be watermeon-masters:


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