Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Birthday Boy

Today is my Blakey's 6th birthday...
And this was his precious lil' self on his 2nd birthday.

I took him to school, and my poor Blakey is still not liking Kindergarten in any way at all. Lots of tears that break my heart. I promised him to come and bring him any birthday lunch request he wanted and eat lunch with him and bring him cupcakes for his class...but he said he didn't even want me to bring the cupcakes, he said he just wanted me to come and take him home. My poor lil' birthday guy...

We are going to do something fun for him tonight, anything he picks to do and anywhere he wants to eat for his birthday dinner. So I'm thinking we might end up at Chuck E. Cheese! hee hee

And if you remember, this is what I "built" in my living room for Blakey's 2nd birthday...so anyone who's been watching my 2nd channel on youtube or reading my Kandeeland blog for years, might remember this:

I'm off to go write my KandeeJ blog, try to edit a video for today, before I head to get Blakey his avocado sandwich lunch!

Huge hugs and Happy Birthday to anyone else, who's birthday is today too, Your Kandee

PS. You can watch the video I uploaded yesterday to my Kandeeland channel, that I made with my sister too:


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