Monday, September 9, 2013

Ellie's Outfit of The Day: Minnie Mouse Shoes A Tutu Dress

May I present to you, Ellie's outfit of the day...which she chose, entirely herself.
She came out, ready for church, wearing this outfit:
Tutu Dress: we got it at Marshall's
Minnie Mouse Shoes: Got them at the Disney Store in Santa Monica (and she insisted on wearing them on the wrong feet, alllll day)
Sunglasses on upside down, is the the new way to wear you shades, in case you want to be "on trend".

This little lady makes my day bubble over with joy and smiles....

Here she is in full Toys R' Us shopping action. On the Minnie Mouse aisle of course.
We were shopping for Blake's Birthday, which is tomorrow! He'll be 6 years old!

She wowed the girls in Sephora and the MAC store too with her outfit. Everyone was in love with her Minnie Shoes. If they made them in "super-big-girl" size, you know I'd have a pair too!

 And finally, Ellie dazzled up the aisles at Whole Foods, with her fanciness!

 To see MY, outfit of the day...CLICK HERE RIGHT NIZZLE.

PS. On a semi-serious, blogging note, I have been deciding whether or not I should keep writing this blog. I think it might be too much writing both blogs, I don't know if it too much stuff I'm putting out every week. Maybe I will be consolidating both my blogs into one NEW website, I'm not sure....but I'll keep you guys posted and I'm sorry the last couple weeks have been a little rough, so I haven't been posting like I normally do.

Huge hugs and here's a hint of a video that's going up on my KANDEELAND channel on youtube, go subscribe to it, it's not my main channel, it's my kids-family-daily-life channel of videos! IT might just be the cutest side dish you've ever seen or eaten!


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