Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Biker Chicks, Nach Feast and A Great Family Motto

 Blakey got to cash one of his bday gift cards in, at Target and got himself this sweet Big Wheel, well it's not a real big wheel, but it looks like one and that's good enough.

Ellie was testing it out for him in the driveway, and to our surprise she actually could pedal, for about 2 feet!

I love being a mom. Sometimes I just look at my precious babies and think what an honor and blessing it is, to get to cook them a yummy dinner, to make them feel like home is the best place in the world, and that they know they are safe with mommy. Their hearts and feelings are safe with me, because it is my honor to be the one to protect them, guide their hearts and fill them with wisdom to help them through life.

I read today a quote that was a family's motto:
"We are here to serve others, not to be served". I love that, if more kids and families, even parents lived by that motto, we'd have a world full of people that were less selfish and spent more time looking for ways to help others!

As I prepared dinner, full of love to fill their tummies and to sit around the dinner table and talk...we like to ask each other about our best part of the day, to celebrate and look for the good in our day! IT's way easier to complain about our day, but we like to talk about what went right!

Blake and Ellie played with Ellie's lego cupcake set while I made.....

Veggie Nachos (Blakey doesn't like to eat meat, he's his own self-proclaimed vegetarian)
Nachos with Organic Refried Beans, Organic Chile Lime Multi-Grain Chips, Organic Mexi-blend Cheese, Organic (and Carageenan free) Sour Cream, and Organic Olives

This just might be the world's fastest dinner ever!

These were before they got a toasting in the oven....

And after! Our only complaint was that I didn't make a big enough plate of them!
 I also tried to make a frozen Cherry Limeade drink to go with dinner, but I had to use lime concentrate, which smelled more like Pine-Sol than lime, so that was a fail!

And then as a little bonus, my budding "interior designer", stuck some Sugar Pill, cat stickers on the Pantry door, with lots of pride! They are still there as I type this! ha ha ha ha

And me and lil miss Ellie, did an Ellie's Favorites video that is up, if you want to go check it out, it's kind of adorable....especially the wig, see if it's up HERE!

Huge hugs from our house to yours...your virtual bestie, Kandee


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