Monday, September 16, 2013


Ellie did not start the day of as Minnie Mouse....this just happened, as all awesome days should, were it gets a whole lot, Minnier!

TIP 1: When you shop with your kids you need to be ready to spend extra time looking and talking about what they like too. Having kids means less about what you want and more about being a good parent and giving them your time and attention too. Sure you might be in a hurry most times, but you need to always guide them in love, not yanking them around a store yelling! ha ha

TIP 2: Make it fun! Ask them what they like and then ask some more, "what makes you love that one?" or "which one of these do you like"...your little ones are there to have a relationship with too. That means you both ask questions, you show them how to be kind and respectful by how you talk to them too!

TIP 3: Make sure you keep an eye on their hunger and tired-ness levels, when little ones need a snack, are tired, or getting really tired of shopping...feed, them, maybe try finishing your shopping later. And later when they are big you will miss going to the store and having fun with your little ones.

 TIP 4: We practice our manners, holding the door open for each other. Saying excuse me, instead of "move" (ha ha ha) and saying "thank you ma'am and sir". I tell them "thank you sir for opening the door like a gentlemen" to Blakey, so he learns that's the nice way to talk, like mama does.
I say, "thank you ma'am for getting me a shopping cart, that was so nice of you sweetheart" to my Alani who always gets me a basket or shopping cart.
*And we practice looking with our eyes, not touching with our hands. AND ALWAYS ASKING IF WE CAN TOUCH SOMETHING OR GO SOMEWHERE!

The way you talk to your kids is the way they learn to talk to others. If you are rude and scream at them, guess how they are going to learn how to talk to people, if you are kind and polite when you talk to them (of course there's times when you need to be more firm) they will be shining examples (most of the time, they are kids after all) of how to talk to people!

TIP 5: If kids are wanting everything in sight! I remind them it's just a looking day before we go into the store, and then if they really want something we say: PUT IN ON YOUR BIRTHDAY LIST!
That way they don't lose hope of possibly getting it, and they won't spend the day whining about it. We simply put it on our birthday wishlist, and by the time the birthday rolls around they 've either forgotten about most of it, and you haven't squashed their big hopes of getting that thing "they need"!

*And we are always "SAFE" by MAMA'S side! I tell them they always have to see me and I have to see them! A mom that just left her little girl on an aisle while she went to look on another one - well the girl was kidnapped, and I remember when Jordan was little, a toddler on the news was playing in a clothing rack, and some older boys lured the little guy away only to take him out of the mall, torture him and eventually kill him. I always "keep them where I can see them". 

And before she was Ellie-mouse, she started the day like this:

She started off like this, well Blaker and Alani:
(Ellie has not been watching Miley Cyrus, the tongue sticking out it purely coincidental)
Alani's flower headband is from Princess P Jewelry)
Ellie and Alan's dresses: both from Target (Ellie's is "vintage" mini-harajuku)
Ellie's cat shoes: from Baby Gap

We went to go shopping for costume supplies for tutorials and Ellie got "Minnie-er" and "Minnie-er" as they day went on!

 There is a new kids and baby store in Reno (which is where live near...yes, I miss LA, and my sister everyday) called Sippee's and it is so stinkin' cute inside!)....
Ellie made calls from the phone booth...

Blake kept a look out for pirate's...

And the decorations are just adorable inside...this little fishing dock scene was one of my favorites:

These are the "coolest cooler bags"...which one would you choose: the strawberry or hamburger.
My 6 year old self, would have totally gone with the Strawberry lunch bag! I tried to google where to find these, but all I came up with was ebay!

I love going shopping with my lil guys, they love vintage and antique stores just as much as me!! They make me laugh, we have to take some breaks and spend extra time looking and talking about the things they love, lots of trips to the bathroom....

They were great! We went to Toys R' Us, Target, Home Goods and Whole Foods to get groceries... Blakey helps me weigh the produce, Ellie just wanted me to hold her, she did not want to ride in the cart..until the end, and Alani helps me get things and pull the cart....all my little helpers. Blakey carrying around his carrot snacks for school....

And I was so good and remember my re-usable grocery bags!

I'm off to go have lunch with my Blakey...he's still not liking kindergarten, but I've managed to go have lunch with him almost every little sweetheart has be kiss both his hands before he goes out after lunch...

Huge hugs and sorry, this back to school business has really been making it hard for me to have time to write this blog along with my other blog and my 2 youtube channels, KandeeJohnson and Kandeeland!

Huge hugs, your virtual BFF, Kandee


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