Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My partner and school advice from Blakey....

In movies people always have their partners:
Woody had Buzz Lightyear
Batman had Robin
and I have my Ellie....
she faithfully sits in her carseat while we toured the land dropping everyone off at school. She also took her calculator in case we needed to do some big math problems.

She waves goodbye, she screams with excitement, and she's always ready to get out of the car!

Today was a busy morning...but she is always my happiest, most sunshiniest one in the morning! Everyone is always greeted with a "hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" from Ellie!

We made breakfast, sandwiches, filled lil lunch bags, made sure everyone had sparkling teeth, fixed wardrobe problems, brushed hair...filled everyone with love and compliments for their hearts to face the sometimes "unpleasant" land of not-so-nice school mates!

I wish more parents taught their kids some of the basic kindness Blakey has- he said, "If you see someone playing by themselves, you should just say 'hey guys, let's all play together'"....oh his little loving heart is so sweet!

And we are off and running, my partner and I...

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