Thursday, September 27, 2012

My blog assistant:

 This is my lil' "blog assistant"..actually she's my lil' "everything assistant" matter what I'm doing this lil' lady wants to help!
 This was lil' Miss Ellie, helping me just a few minutes ago, look through a photo album to pick out a picture for me "throwback thursday" post on my KandeeJ know where I post an old school pic of myself that just fun or as in today's post, funny to see! ha ha ha
Look at her lil' working face!
sometimes I have to go where she wants to go- good thing I have a laptop! Lots of times she wants to play somewhere, so I just go and try to type real fast while she crawls on me and my laptop! ha ha ha

off to go write my other blog and draw pictures of cats...that is what Ellie keeps requesting.."mow! mow!"...that's "meow" for cat! ha ha ha

cat drawings, your kandee and her lil' assistant

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