Friday, September 28, 2012

Gold "Tuggs" not Uggs & lil boots for FALL

 This is Ellie's MINI FALL BOOT Line Up.....
Would you guys want me to do a "Fall Mini Shop & Tell" Video with Ellie and her mini clothes we got her for Fall?!?
These boots we got at Target..well except the mocs, those are from Minnetonka.
The gold ones are my fav!!! They are like mini gold "uggs"...maybe since they are from Target, we can call them "TUGGS"! bwaaa ha ha ha
I love when I crack myself up!
 Gold boots in action in Ellie's lil "car".
PS. she's wearing them with her jammies!

yay for miniature boots, your kandee and her boot lovin' lady, who's actually standing next to me in her golden "tuggs".

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