Saturday, September 15, 2012

Breaking the Rules of Fashion: OUR STREET STYLE

Ok, instead of the streets of New York City or Milan...this is the "street scene from my driveway" ...
And we say "matching is for socks"...what else would you expect from a girl who's mom doesn't even wear matching earrings most day!
Alani is wearing an outfit she picked out herself:
SKIRT- I can't remember, but I'd bet on Target
WATERMELON LEGGINS (yes, I know)- Old Navy
SHOES- neon pink checkered Vans
(and her pretend Barbie Cell Phone)

I think it's good to allow kids the freedom (unless they wanted to wear their bathing suit or snowsuit to school!) have their independent style. I maybe would have said, "maybe the watermelon leggins kinda don't, really go...., but I know giving her this little "fashion freedom"...will help foster her independent style, her sense of what she likes...just ike my mom let me roll my socks down into "donuts" around my ankles. Was she embarrassed? Probably.
Did it let me develop my own sense of, "this is what I like and I don't care what other people think"....yes, a little bit, it did!
I love it when I go somewhere and see a mom with a small person, dressed in a costume or a fun outfit, just to go grocery shopping!
example: if Ellie wanted to wear this to the store...and it was not hot out....I would let her wear this and she'd be the cutest cupcake in the store!
 this was actually Ellie in the store last night...we were grocery shopping and she wanted to watch the water shoot out of the fountain- it was amazingly interesting.
 and Ellie wearing Blakey's shoes this morning...even her jammies look kinda boy-ish! ha ha ha

I'm typing this outside, because Ellie wanted to be out here....ha ha ha

Happy Saturday, your buddy ol' pal, kandee

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