Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday Diary- Bowling Shoes & Army Men

This is how to guard a cake!
Green army men (Blakey's birthday theme request) stand keeping eye on the cake!
FYI- not every recipe that claims to be delicious on pinterest, is really as delicious as they say! It's hard to taste delicious from a picture ha ha ha
Needless to say, I don't think we'll be using the cake or icing recipe again! ha ha ha
I should've just made my famous chocolate cake.
My excited, new, 5 year old, Blakey before school, we put his "birthday boy" badge on, which he was so excited to wear. I had huffed and puffed a bag full of green balloons up, via my lung power- which rendered me moderately light headed late into the night as everyone slept...ha hah a
But there's something so amazing about waking up on your birthday to see decorations of celebration that were put up with loads of love!
Then we got Blakey's new Hot Wheels bike (his big bday present), headed to the park for a picnic and to play
(he even gave lil sister a push)
...then he rode over the little whoops at the skatepark (we go in the middle of the day to make sure no one's there- those big guys can be intimidating!)
we went to my mom's for pizza...
and my mom watched the other kids while me and Blakey went bowling- He requested for his birthday that just me and him go bowling by ourselves...so we headed to the bowling lanes, baby!
Our shoes- mini and super-sized Vans
and after our bowling shoe make-over....I always wanted a pair of bowling shoes to wear like regular shoes in high school!

 Blakey with a "sleeve" full of the birthday tattoos he gave himself! ha ha ha
 Look at that bowling style! He even beat me the first game...thanks to the help of his "lane bumpers"- ha ha ha- he's bing bong his ball down the lane to knock almost all the pins down!
 watching as he's about to knock em' down...

we had so much fun....we even finished the night off with a trip to the arcade- we raced every race game they had! ha ha ha

As I covered my little tired birthday boy with his blankets, in bed...my heart was so happy that he felt so special today...and hearing his little voice, that will someday sound like a man...tell me: "You're the best mommy in the whole wide world"....there's no greater compliment I'll ever receive....

and as I he took his bowling shoes off and told me how he wanted to wear them for regular shoes and wanted to keep them, I thought....oh a man after my own heart!

bowling shoes and bikes, your kandee and her 5 year old


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