Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm in love with these bedrooms!

(photo from pinterest: via nursery notations)

I love this room!
I love the striped ceiling.
I LOVE the curtains....
the chandelier...
I would just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling and curtains!
(photo from my pinterest- from bebe diva)
Pink, frilly, striped walls, cute curtains, and put a chandelier almost anywhere and I'm in love!
I love this sweet, girly nursery. Just swap out the crib and this would be great for big girls...and even bigger girls like me! ha ha ha
(photo from my pinterest from hot pads)
Here's one for the boys, or if you did it more Pink with stars (like sailing off to girly dream land), it could be great for girls too!
I love this! And yes, these are REAL beds!
How awesome are these "boat beds"!
It would probably be easy to get kids in bed if the room looked like this!

Which one is your favorite!? I love these!!!!!!

THINGS that I love:
striped walls
wishing I had striped on my walls, your kandee
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