Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's In Your Labor Bag?!?

Since my sister just had her baby, I thought it would be fun to make a video with her BEFORE she had her baby about what she was taking to the hospital.
Now as you know, I had Ellie at home, so I didn't need to pack a bag, BUT, for my 3 others babies, I did have them at the hospital, so I have a little bit of experience with what you'll want at the hospital or birthing center, if that's where you're having your little bundle of joy!
(We will ignore how I could go on and on about how amazing my home birth was! ha ha ha Because it was truly the best labor and birthing experience ever!)
Here's the LIST OF WHAT TO PACK, A SPECIAL VIDEO WITH ME AND MY SISTER (BELOW).... Some of you may not be going to a hospital, but may be going to a birthing center too, so here's our video of "What's in your labor bag" and a full list of what you might love to take:

For Mommy:
Your id & insurance card
Slippers or Flip Flops (I myself prefer the flip flops, they felt more "sanitary" on the bathroom floors)
A Robe (those hospital gowns are not so great- robe's are great for getting in and out of the tub too)
Lip Balm (trust me, you don't need to add chapped lips to your list of ailments)
Rubber Bands (for your hair, because your hair will drive you crazy without one)
iphone, ipod or cd player and portable speakers (I played Jack Johnson, my sister had Frank Sinatra)
cell phone charger- we forgot this and had to have my sister's father-in-law bring us a charger!
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Hand Lotion (I am just a person that goes nuts with dry feeling, hands)
*IF YOU WEAR CONTACTS- make sure you bring your glasses and contact solution gear
SNACKS- great snacks are nuts (no allergies ofcourse), yogurt, popsicles, electrolyte powder for water to give you energy
Face Cleanser & Moisturizer
Body Wash, Body Lotion, Razor, Shampoo & Conditioner (so you can feel like a new woman after labor and take a shower)
Loose Fitting Pants and Shirt (to wear home)
Big Granny Panties (no thongs- you won't wear a pair of those for a few weeks, at least!)
Some Pad Equipment (just think of it as, your worst period ever, after you have a baby)
Candles- some people like to bring those fake candles for softer lighting, check with your hospital, they may frown on real candles
Magazines- me and my sister wanted to look at magazines before her labor really took off, and all the nurses could find for us was a GOLF magazine, really!?!
Nursing Bra- And my favorite is THIS ONE. Believe me I've tried them all, from Target, Walmart to Motherhood to online!
Your Birth Plan- research your birth plan options then write a birth plan to help the hospital staff know your wishes.
Cash or Spare Change- I wanted to go buy something from the vending machine!
Socks- you might want to bring a cozy pair of socks in case your feet get cold.
*AND POSSIBLY stash an old towel or waterproof pad in your car, in case your water breaks or is leaking on the way to the hospital- yes, that happens!
CAMERA-And don't forget your camera to capture those first pictures of the baby!
Bottled Water- sometimes hospitals just have yucky tasting tap water- and Electrolyte Water is helpful in keeping you hydrated.

For Baby: 
BABY GOWN (to bring baby home in, way better than pants and a shirt- we love gowns)
SWADDLING BLANKET (to swaddle baby up in)
DIAPER CREAM- I love Dimpleskin- the best Diaper Cream EVER! I apply it at every diaper change, and my Ellie never had a rash!
DIAPERS - the hospital will provide disposable diapers of their choice, but you might want to bring your own and especially of you are using cloth diapers. Bring at least a dozen or 2. Your, cover of choice, your cloth wipes, and a soiled bag to take the dirty ones home in.
And make sure you put an INFANT HEAD SUPPORT IN IT (the ones that come with the carseat are to flimsy and scratchy) like this is great:

And here's some pictures I took as we arrived at the hospital with my sister...
My brother-in-law, Bryon in the green shirt- helper man at the hospital in the orange, and my sister, Tiffany- in the red shirt with the baby belly...ha ha ha
 My sister, Tiffany, making and excited, "here we go" face!
BELOW: I made my sister put on a face mask, because it smelled so awful in the emergency room entrance- even the nurse said she can barely stand being in there!
 Me and my sister, after she got her gown on and before me and my brother-in-law began "show-tunes" style, dancing for my sister to Frank Sinatra!
 And after she had taken her contacts out, and had her baby....looking beautiful without one drop of make-up and one minute of sleep all night- no make-up could make a mama look as beautiful as all this love does!

You're going to do great....If I have gone through labor 4 times, you can do it too! ha ha ha Just imagine me holding your hand saying: "You can do it! Just imagine seeing the after picture, holding that beautiful baby!"....
huge hugs and lots of bags full of goodies, kandee

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