Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Wow You've Got Your Hands Full" Travelling!

This is what my lap looked like today...while people were still boarding the plane and you can still have your phone on and your tray tables down....
This is the row on the plane that Alani and Blake chose for use to sit in (as I already mention on my KANDEEJ blog).
You see on Southwest you pick your own seats once you're on the plane. Alani and Blake were walking ahead of me and chose these seats while I tried to carry Ellie, my computer bag, my purse and her travel-diaper bag....
This is Blakey, who as you can see from his pose, is not happy with his non-window seat. Alani got the window seat, and even though he was promised to have the window seat on the next flight...."we" still had crossed arms like this.  He un-crossed his arms about .5 seconds later when I said he could play his Hot Wheels game on my phone.
And this was Alani-the -window-seat-winner. And yes Jordan did ask me, "Did you purposely dress them all in neon?" which I replied, "Yes, that way I can keep an eye on them easier!"...It's much easier to keep track of all your kids if they are easy to spot on their neon colors!

Favorite quotes of the day:
When I walked onto the plane with all my kids and all the bags hanging from my arms.... said, "Wow! You've got your hands full!"
And again I heard the same comment getting off the plane.
Oh and I heard it when I was going through security.
And I heard it again, waiting for the stroller in the jetway.

As long as you stay happy, calm and mellow...and remember that if you make moments happy and fun nothing, needs to be get a happy, fun mom and happy fun kids. This was the first time I flew without my mom there to help me with all the little kids...but it went great. We had fun and we made everything fun, I brought snacks for the plane, and ofcourse water (after we went through security) and gum for the kids to chew (not Ellie though) so their ears would pop easily in the altitude change...and we had a fun flight.

But my favorite was when Blakey said, as we walked into a store with some teenage girls in it: "All these girls look so fancy." To which they all laughed and said how cute he was, which gave him the fuel to say even more things to them....ha ha ha ha

I is tired, me am sleepy, I need sleepy tired time to type tootired...ZZZzzZZZzzz KandeeeezzzZZZzzz

Oh and if you missed it- here was my MOMMY VIDEO I uploaded this week- yay it has my sister in it:

If you want to clickity around on one of these:


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