Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hooray! Last Day of School!

Alani at school, right before we headed to celebrate with a some summery treats!
 Alani requested a Frozen Vanilla Bean has zero coffee in it- so it's our favorite Starbucks drink!
I didn't get a picture of Jordan...because getting a picture of him is almost as hard as getting a picture of Bigfoot.

After a trip to Starbucks....we headed for a spin through Target.

We had a fun night with Jordan too. The internet was out from a some blown wire at our Jordan couldn't play X-box, which meant he came and hung out with us! We loved every second! He makes us all laugh so much!
Then we all had dinner- kids choice ofcourse , to celebrate the last day of school and hooray for Summer- We all had milk shakes with dinner!

milk shakin' kandee....

WHERE ELSE ARE YA ONLINE?!? Here and here and here:


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