Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Enchanted Roomland

 If you walk buy a  Pottery Barn kids store, you almost can't help going in...the lighting the decorations just lure you into enchanted room-land!
I am in love with the little Farm Table and Chair above- and yes, you can get the chairs in different colors, from sage gree, to robin's egg blue, to red, or white. I want this table supersized! ha ha ha
(I don't own the table, but I the little lady in the picture, is mine!)

 Next Up: I am equally in love with these tin flowers for your wall! Kinda reminds ya of my old flower wall huh, but wayyyy bigger! I love this!
And then, I'm kinda in love with these ruffle curtains- it's like a dress for your window.

 And now our lovely model is showing off a fine and delightful little pink kitchen, which we all love! I love, love, love this kitchen!
 And there is a little "Rachel Ray" cooking away in all her pinkness!
(little lady outfit breakdown: Sweater-Target, Dress- Old Navy, LEggins- Target, Mocassins- Bobux)
 And say the other table is too girl, check out the for masculine, boys farm bench table.
And look how cute their little mermaid decals on the white wainscoting....bring on the enchantment of cute decoration!

Man would I have gone bonkers for that pink kitchen when I was little, kandee

PS. If you want to see what I else I posty-lala everywhere- click on one of these marmalades:


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