Monday, June 11, 2012

Lollicuts And Blaker Bieber

 Mix lollipop and kids haircuts and you have Lollicut. When you google "kids hair salons LA"- they come up and pair that with the fact that "style saavy" celebrity mom, Tori Spelling trusts them to cut her kids hair- we headed there.
The kids were so excited to go here!!
 Then it's time to pick out the sweet car you want to get your hair cut in...Blake picked the race car.
 He sat in his Formula 1 car, while he finally got the "Justin Bieber" hair cut he's wanted. After I texted "Blaker Bieber's" new hair to my sister- she replied, "I wonder if Justin Bieber knows he has a 4 year old, little boy fan?!" ha ha ha
 Alani picked the pink Barbie car, ofcourse! She got the cutest "semi a-line bob".
 After Blakey got "bieber-ized"...he rode in the space racer.
 Then we headed across the street to get snacks and cash and Whole Foods- Lollicut only takes cash and I only give debit cards! ha ha ha
And although Blakey has an "Alfalfa" hair sticking up in this was only the wind- they did not cut that for his hair! Although I could see a trend on the horizon! ha ha
And Alani after, with her new hair...which she love, love, loves!
And yes, if you wish they made her skirt in big sizes're with me too! It's ofcourse  from the Harajuku line at Target!

And then before bed we had a movie party and watched The Lorax and Puss and Boots...

And now we are off to the face the day in style with new do's and Blaker Bieber.


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