Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"This Pumpkin Patch Looks Like A Ghost Town!"

We love to visit our favorite ranch for their pumpkin patch. They have a cream soda, sarsaparilla, and root beer wagon, ranch style-miniature golf, a corn maze, last year they had really yummy pumpkin soup, horse and pony rides and all kinds of "country style fun".

ABOVE: me and the best "scarf" in the world, my lil Ellie. Note: I put no make-up on , other than that bright red lipstick! ha ha ha That's what you call speed, lipstick and sunglasses, baby!

Ellie wanted to go on a pony ride, until about 20 seconds after she got on! Ha Ha Ha
 Ellie: I wanna get off!
Blakey: I'll go for a ride!!!

And enter Blakey riding, Sweet Pea. I asked the pony lady if he was too big, and she said no. But he looks really big on that little pony to me! ha ha ha

And this is the "ghost town" part of the pumpkin patch! See Blakey with his wagon, hunting for any pumpkins! As he pulled his wagon around hunting for any "un-moldy" pumpkin, he said: It's like pumpkin ghost town"...ha ha ha
He was the only one that found a good pumpkin, and he put it on his room.

Ellie riding her in her wagon. We sipped our Cream Soda Floats, then Ellie bounced in the bounce house, my mom and Alani went to look at the little booths of toys while I went to try not to get whacked by wildly swinging golf clubs from Ellie and Blake as we hit golf balls in the mini golf area!

Sunshine glowing through the trees as we walked back to the car, hungry. Very hungry.
We headed to our favorite Basque restaurant for some family style deliciousness! Bread, Navy Bean Soup, Salad, Corn on the Cob, Stew, giant platters full of fries, and THEN the main course! I love Basque food!

Until next year pumpkin patch....

Huge hugs and huge fairy tale pumpkins, your friend, Kandee

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